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The site offers a variety of opportunities to enrich one's spiritual life and grow in natural ways with it's products, information, services, and activities.  It provides a number of ways to help one release their faith and hope through Active Prayer*.

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Get Involved For Our Nation!

The line of prayer sash products called "Pray For America" provide one the opportunity to display 12 of the key virtues which can encourage an active engagement in praying for America.  These products can help facilitate conversations/discussions to solicit and encourage others to seek God's involvement on behalf of the country.  These virtues include: Healing; Unity; Justice; Peace; Leadership; Wisdom; Strength; Love; Hope; Vigilance; Resolve; Respect!


Get Involved At Home!

The line of prayer sash products provide one the opportunity to display the products as stated in Deuteronomy 6:9-12 as a continous reminder of God's role in your home and indeed life.  These products can help facilitate conversations/discussions as in Deuteronomy 6:6-7 and enhance your witness to the various identities of God.  These old testament names of help the believer to know the identities of God as a character of that identity.  When that name/identity is called upon it indicates an intimacy with God by knowing his name and the nature of his character to which you are seeking/relating for a particular purpose.  Be a witness to the world through your identification with his names  and word!


Get Involved At Your Place of Worship ad Community!

Share the various sashes, other prayer products, information, services with your church, neighbors, and community.  The prayer products, information, and services provide you with a unique opportunity to witness to others with a products, information, and services inspired to encourage prayer and spiritual fellowship in ways that help to release one's faith.


Get Involved in Prayer or  Other Community Development Groups!

The need for believers to mobilize and walk in their true charge is greater than it's ever been.  Below are ways in which one can become actively involved in the ministry of Christ, i.e., join a prayer group; post prayer petitions; make a prayer blog post; write a prayer testimony or article; become a benevolence leader/coordinator.


Join a Prayer Group!

Become a prayer warrior in your area or according to a particular subject area that you feel led to partiicipate.


Post a Prayer Request!

Share prayer requests with intercessory groups through the prayer board.


Make a Blog Post or Write an Article!

Through our Blog one may post a statement or write and article addressing a particular issue.


Become a Benevolence Leader!

Become a benevolence leader according to a particular subject area that you feel led to work.  Be a blessing!

*Active Prayer - Continuously looking for the hand/move of God in all your ways for the answer to your prayer petition.  He may use people and situations to reveal the answer and this is why believers have to use their spiritual mind at all times.


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