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EP-OT-NmGod-Prayer Sash-Red

EP-OT-NmGod-Prayer Sash-Red
EP-OT-NmGod-Prayer Sash-Red
SKU#: PROD67793
Price: $20.00

This Old Testament Names of God prayer Sash is a spiritual tool inspired to encourage intimate prayer with God where his old testament names and their meanings are known. It includes the Names of God and their meaning. The Prayer Sash is 65 inches long; 4 inches wide and may be placed in meaningful places around the home such as credenza's , tables, chairs, beds, nightstands, doors, as a visible reminder his covering of his people. It can also serve as a visual reminder of God's grace, mercy, truth, goodness, and covering.  It may also be used when ministering to believers in prayer as a point of contact to help release one's faith especially with infirmed persons.  The prayer sash can be worn as a ceremonial adornment cloth in a number of positions, including across the body and shoulder; around the waist; across the shoulder.  It can also be used to study/learn the names of God.  God never wants us to forget him and to acknowledge him in all our ways.

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