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Enhance Spiritual Life and Growth

Enhance One's Spiritual Life and Growth with MuchPrayer Products!

The MuchPrayer prayer sash line of products provide one the opportunity to learn about various aspects of spirituality through the names of God and related scriptures.  The line of prayer sash products include the old testament names of God and two series - one covering the prophetic names and titles of Christ the other covering the grace names and titles.  The prophetic series contain those names and titles with scriptural references that were prophesied of Christs' coming into the world.  The Grace series contain those names and titles with scriptural references after His birth into the world.  These divinely inspired products are products that are physical artifacts that helps continuously remind one of God's great love for mankind; His redeeming work through his son the Christ; presence by placing them in living spaces in ones place of worship, home, office, business, vehicles.  These products can help stimulate conversations/discussions as in Deuteronomy 6:6-7 and enhance your witness to the various identities of God.  The old testament names of God help the believer to know the identities of God and the character of that identity.  When that name/identity is called upon in prayer petitions it indicates an intimacy with God by knowing his name and the nature of his character to which you are seeking/relating for a particular purpose.  You are encouraged to be a witness to the world through your identification with his names  and his word!  Click here to: Browse and order prayer products and Get involved!

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